The Long-Term Lens.

We think about our present actions not only within the context of fund cycles but how they will affect both society and our stakeholders in the long term.


Service Capitalism.

We believe that capitalism should encourage innovations that benefit humanity rather than just innovations that further concentrated wealth generation. Thus, we seek to funnel capital to causes and enterprises that serve society.

Builders Only.

To create long-term and shared value for society, our stakeholders and ourselves, we need to build things and not simply extract economic value from those who do. We avoid engaging in rent-seeking and other extractive behaviors.


Purpose-Driven Passion.

Purpose-driven passion creates focus, relentless pursuit, and grit. We believe that this allows us to outcompete bad actors over the long term.


Socratic Mindset.

We value debate and constantly challenge our ideas, our assumptions, and ourselves to avoid confirmation bias, overly rigid or narrow thinking, and stagnation. We appreciate new perspectives and new ways of looking at a problem.


Data Driven Perspectives.

We believe that experience is to be respected, yet data-driven arguments should hold precedence over age or rank.

The Long-Term Lens

We at Epum believe that every present decision directly affects our future and contributes to society's future as a whole. With this framework in mind, all decisions are long-term decisions by default.

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The Blue Eden Foundation

Epum is currently in the process of launching "The Blue Eden Foundation". This non-profit will be focused on supporting blue carbon projects and funding waterway cleanup initiatives. The new Blue Eden Foundation website is still under development, yet feel free to click on the link below to learn more about the potential for blue carbon initiatives.

Ukrainian Aid Projects

Epum supports local Ukrainian nonprofits in their work to provide lifesaving aid to those affected by the genocidal actions of the Russian Federation.